Riverbend Landing HOA

Street Names (A-Z)

  • Coastal Avenue
  • Overboard Court
  • Paddle Wheel Street
  • Pirates Cove Court
  • Pirates Cove Lane
  • Sailor Avenue
  • Shore Street
  • Steamboat Street
  • Sternwheel Avenue
  • Sternwheel Court
  • The foundation to one of the original farm buildings still exists today. When you enter the subdivision off of Steamboat Street you will see it straight ahead.

  • Near that area, a cave exists that was once used to keep provisions cooled. It is no longer safe to venture in to that area, but still an interesting bit of trivia.

FUn facts   and trivia



Some of our members may have information we can add to this site to create our history page. What we know follows:

Riverbend Landing was originally a family-owned farm land. The land was sold in the early 2000's to the Poston's. There was a vision to build a planned community and multiple lots were sold to several construction companies, including but not limited to Titan Construction, Brad Janes Construction, and Hammer Construction.

In 2004, Mr. Poston executed the first Declaration of Restrictive Covenants for Riverbend Landing. Around 2006, homeowners were informed this is an HOA community and dues would be required. Most residents attempted to fight  paying dues claiming they had never been informed this was an HOA community. Those who refused to pay were threatened with liens on their homes (which happened to many).  Needless to say, homeowners felt "lied to" and betrayed and the resentment they felt was often times carried over to how they treated board members as well as how they have treated one other. 

Today's board has kept dues at the same rate for the past two years (reduced from initial rates), many of the original homeowners have moved, and we are striving to create a stronger community. We are working to amend the Declaration of Restrictive Covenants making them a family friendly set of guidelines that reflect today's culture.

We can all learn from the past and work together NOW to build our future community. Please join us in writing the future story as a united community.

COMMUNITY INFORMATION (See maps at bottom)